low-carb lunches

Let’s be real–standard lunchtime fare is not all that keto-friendly. I mean, how do you make a PB&J low-carb? Salads are the pretty obvious alternative, but they don’t have to be boring. I’ve been honing my salad-making skillz for years, even prior to adopting a low-carb lifestyle. Scroll on down to see a few examples of what I like to eat for lunch these days.

avocado egg salad: hb eggs + avocado + full fat or 2% greek yogurt + everything bagel seasoning

greek salad: mixed greens + olives + artichokes + peppers + grilled chicken + woodstock dressing

fish “tacos”: romaine lettuce + mahi mahi burger + cilantro + avocado + yogurt dressing

cobb-ish salad: spinach + turkey bacon + hb eggs + ‘maters + ‘shrooms + sunflower seeds + yogurt dressing

tuna salad: tuna + mayo + full fat or 2% greek yogurt + spanish olives

What are some of your favorite low-carb lunch ideas?


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