keto grocery haul #2: aldi + whole foods

Keto RD

In my last grocery haul post, I showed you a typical week’s worth of food from Trader Joes’ and Publix. The other two grocery stores I frequently shop at are Aldi and Whole Foods. I get made fun of for this particular combination of grocery shopping, as the two stores are kind of at opposite ends of the spectrum, with Aldi being a prominent “discount” chain and Whole Foods being exactly the opposite. But, I like to think that the two balance each other out–I’m able to get good deals on most of the things I need at Aldi, which saves room in my budget for the specialty items I like at Whole Foods.

So here’s what went in the cart on this particular week:

dairy + eggs


-unsweetened almond milk: A Keto RD staple. I use it in coffee, spinach smoothies, and just drink it straight (particularly when I’m snacking on fat bombs).

-eggs: Another staple. We tend to go through a lot anyway, but particularly when I make low-carb fluffy pancakes.

-shredded mozzarella: This will likely end up in an all-veggie pizza or lasagna.

-sliced provolone: Somewhere on the internets, I saw someone use sliced provolone to make taco shells. We’ll see how it goes…

-variety pack cheese snacks: I usually send my son Caleb to daycare with these (cut into cubes), but I’ll be honest and say that I snack on them pretty often too.



The usual suspects from the produce aisle. I got some good deals on the organic spinach (gigantic container for less than $5) and those hefty zucchini ($1.49 for all three). Aldi also tends to have the best price on cauliflower ($1.99 per head).



-sliced smoked turkey: This sliced turkey is definitely the best I’ve tried from the packaged section. Fresh from the deli is always better, but it’s also pretty expensive. All three of us use this for lunches during the week.

-fresh chicken: I don’t trust Aldi’s fresh meat section, so I always buy our meat elsewhere (usually Whole Foods or Publix). I find that splitting one of those breasts between Seth and me provides plenty of protein for a meal, so I freeze the rest in separate baggies.

-no-salt-added chunk tuna: Alright, I’m pretty picky about my canned tuna. Almost all brands pack them in a broth that includes soy. I try to avoid soy (I think it interferes with my thyroid regulation, plus the general health effects are bit mixed). So in order to avoid said soy, I’m largely limited to no-salt-added varieties (that don’t use a broth). Whole Foods has the best price ($1.69 per can, as opposed to $2+ at Publix).

-frozen raw shrimp: Aldi has a pretty good selection of frozen fish, and the brand they sell appears to make efforts to use sustainable fishing practices (it’s hard to see, but there’s a seal that says “best aquaculture practices certified”). These will be used to make a coconut-crusted shrimp, per Seth’s request.

-pine nut hummus: Our preferred flavor of store-bought hummus. I don’t consume nearly as much of this as I did in my vegan/vegetarian days, but I still use it on occasion as a dressing for tuna or chicken salad.

dry goods


-coconut flakes: I have plans of trying to make a keto-friendly granola using these and some walnuts.

-lily’s chocolate chips: These are stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. I’ve tried this company’s chocolate bars (and LOVE them), so when I saw these on sale, I figured I’d give them a whirl. They might make their way into a homemade trail mix blend.

-almonds, pistachios, peanuts: Our go-to snacks.

-Brazil nuts: I had a craving for these out of the blue, so I just grabbed a quarter pound from the bulk section at Whole Foods. They’re raw, so I’m thinking of roasting and salting them a bit.

-hemp seeds: I actually didn’t realize my mistake until looking at this picture. I meant to get the shelled hemp seeds, which is what I use for Keto Oats. I guess I’ll have to figure out a use for these…

-coconut oil: Aldi has a pretty decent price for organic coconut oil–$4.49 for a 16 oz jar.

-goddess dressing: This tastes exactly like the Annie’s version, and it’s two bucks cheaper.

-dijon mustard: Because one can never have too much mustard 🙂

-roasted red pepper pesto: We usually use this for salmon or as a sauce for zoodles.

-peanut butter and ground coffee: Both necessities for my general happiness.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or question below!


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